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Support for Parents through Separation, Grief and Bereavement

Guiding parents through separation, grief and loss

To book an appointment call (08) 9261 4444​
Email: reception@lifelinewa.org.au

Lifeline WA’s grief and bereavement program offers free counselling to parents, families and children going through separation or grief and bereavement.
Our Lifeline WA counsellors are well qualified and are supported by specialist training in grief and more complex bereavement, supporting parents through separation, grief, and loss. 
There is no right or wrong way to grieve and there is no set time limit to grieving. When we lose someone or something important to us, it can rock our world. We are often faced with having to revise and relearn our sense of self, identity, and understanding of the world. This process can be challenging and takes time. It can be even harder if the circumstances of the loss were unexpected, sudden or traumatic.
Grief and loss can impact people on many levels:

  • Physically - Many people report a sharp pain or tightness in the chest or stomach area
  • Emotionally - You might find yourself feeling a wide range of feelings, which can change from moment to moment
  • Mentally - You might find yourself trying hard to make sense of things, not believing it or having troubling thoughts
  • Behaviour – Your behaviour may change, including not being able to eat, sleep or concentrate.

During these times especially, you need to be kind to yourself and allow yourself to work through it at your own pace. It’s also important to ask for support if needed. Sometimes it can be helpful to talk to someone who is not a family member or friend. This may include one of our trained and experienced counsellors here at Lifeline WA.
Referrals to Lifeline WA’s bereavement counselling can be made directly by the individual/s or facilitated by an agency by contacting 9261 4444 or emailing reception@lifelinewa.org.au.

The free service can be accessed across all of Western Australia by telephone or video call.

How to book a video call counselling appointment with Lifeline WA:

Call Lifeline WA on (08) 9261 4444 to book a date and time. We can offer after-hours appointments for your convenience. 
This program is funded by the Department of Communities.
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To book an appointment call (08) 9261 4444​ or email reception@lifelinewa.org.au