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Community Standard Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Course

The Mental Health First Aid Course teaches participants how to provide initial support to adults who are developing a mental illness or experiencing a mental health crisis.

Here's what participants had to say:

"Incredibly eye-opening, challenges pre-existing thoughts and judgement about mental illness, I really feel like I have gained a LOT from the course, and am well-equipped to tackle a mental health crisis or problem."

"It's a game changer, whether you work in the industry or go along for personal reasons it will give you the tools to handle a mental health crisis. I am more confident in what I currently do and have many more tools to allow myself to keep personal boundaries. The more important thing I took away was learning it's okay to ask the question, have you had thoughts of suicide?"

"Very clearly presented with very comprehensive content delivered in understandable language. I loved the course, very interesting, informative and applicable to daily living and the mental health challenges that any one of us can experience ourselves and witness others around us experiencing."

"I know now that it is paramount to approach the person from a position of care and concern to achieve a positive outcome and I am ready to have those difficult conversations with those who might be struggling due to mental health problems."

"I would highly recommend this course to others. I had some misconceptions dispelled which is always useful and I am now aware of the many resources available to assist in managing situations."

"Laura and Lisa were very energetic and engaging. They knew their content and worked together well. They were able to move discussions back to task when they were getting off topic, but ensure everyone felt heard. They worked really well as a team."

"Fantastic facilitators, they have a wealth of knowledge and I highly recommend attending this course. Lisa and Laura had the class engaged and most of all we had a laugh. Thank you so much ladies x."