Our Impact

It is often said that adversity builds character. In Lifeline WA’s case, we are proud to say that the adversity experienced has in fact revealed the true character of our people.

From supporting fire and drought ravaged communities on the eastern seaboard to dealing with the extreme anxiety caused by COVID-19, Lifeline WA has seen a sustained increase in demand for our crisis services this financial year.

We are living through incredibly difficult times, and the most vulnerable in our community have been the hardest hit. But despite this adversity, our Telephone Crisis Support volunteers have shown great strength, skill and compassion throughout this period to provide support to the Western Australian community. It is a credit to them, their experience, the ongoing crisis training they each receive to equip them for any situation and their undeniable sense that everyone in the Crisis Support room is unified in a higher purpose – to give back to the community.

How we Helped in 2021/22 Financial Year