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Our Partners

Lifeline WA is incredibly grateful for the life-saving support of our Corporate and Philanthropic Partners. 

At Lifeline WA, our reputation is hard earned through our continuing efforts to provide life-saving crisis support and suicide prevention services to the Western Australian community. The generous support of our valued Partners has helped Lifeline WA invest in our services, raise awareness of the 13 11 14 crisis support line, and, most importantly, ensure that the 13 11 14 number remains free and easily accessible to those who need it. 

Our heartfelt thanks go to the following organisations for helping us get one step closer to a community that is free from suicide. 

The Chamber of Minerals and Energy  has actively advocated for Lifeline WA in the wake of the COVID19 outbreak and has brought awareness of Lifeline WA’s services to its members within the resources industry. This initiative resulted in a significant amount of funding that enabled Lifeline WA to take an unprecedented number of calls to the 13 11 14 crisis support service during the beginning of the pandemic. The CME continues to partner with Lifeline WA in a number of ways, including advocacy of Lifeline WA’s suicide prevention services, support with awareness projects, and with the development of the Resourceful Mind peer-support project within the resources industry.  



Mineral Resources announced a three-year strategic partnership with Lifeline WA in 2020. This significant partnership is part of MRL’s ongoing efforts to address the mental health challenges facing the resource industry in Western Australia’s mining sector. Under the terms of the partnership, MRL have invested in mental health training for their own staff through Lifeline WA and have provided significant funding and support to Lifeline WA’s 13 11 14 crisis support line. MRL continue to spread Lifeline WA’s message of ‘Seek Help, Find Hope’ and suicide prevention across Western Australia with a myriad of creative initiatives, including the branding of their NextGen 2 crushing plant at Mount Whaleack. As part of this partnership, MRL is committed to encouraging their employees to have conversations about mental health and seek help when they are struggling. 



The Stan Perron Charitable Foundation supports more than 100 charitable organisations, including Lifeline WA. The support from Elizabeth Perron, the daughter of late Stan Perron, has been a valuable source of funding Lifeline WA’s lifesaving 13 11 14 crisis support service. Thanks to this support, Lifeline WA can continue to ensure that every Western Australian has someone to speak to in moments of crisis. This funding has also enabled Lifeline WA to adequately support Telephone Crisis Supporters with in-shift supervisors.  



Arc Infrastructure has been a long-term supporter of Lifeline WA through the Lights for Lifeline campaign but recently entered a three-year partnership with Lifeline WA in 2021. This strategic partnership provides vital funding that ensures that every Western Australian has access to the 13 11 14 crisis support service. Arc Infrastructure ensures that this service remains entirely free, completely anonymous, and easily accessible to anyone within Australia who may be experiencing a personal crisis.  



Santos has proudly supported Lifeline WA since 2016. In addition to giving to the Lights for Lifeline Christmas campaign, Santos have generously contributed significant funding and support to Lifeline WA's 13 11 14 crisis support line through being one of Lifeline WA’s major corporate partners. Santos’ support has helped Lifeline WA to sustain and improve their suicided prevention services at a time of increasing demand and, most importantly, are passionate about ensuring that the Lifeline number remains free and easily accessible to those who need it.  



Woodside has supported Lifeline WA with significant funding during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, through giving to the Lights for Lifeline Christmas campaign and towards Lifeline WA’s annual Black Diamond Gala Dinner. Through recognising and celebrating Lifeline WA’s support of the Western Australian community, Woodside has also encouraged employee donations through their Workplace Giving Program and initiatives like The Push-Up Challenge.  



The CBH Group is working to help improve the mental health of Western Australian regional communities with a three-year partnership with Lifeline WA. As part of CBH's Regional Mental Wellbeing Program, alongside MIFWA, Black Dog Institute and Youth Focus, Lifeline WA is committed, as part of the partnership, to increase the access to mental health services, provide support and raise awareness among health professionals, growers and high school students across grain growing communities in Western Australia. 


The Baldock Family has been a generous supporter of Lifeline WA by contributing funds to the delivery of the 13 11 14 crisis support service and helping to build the future capacity for Lifeline WA to answer more for help. 

Synergy has been partnering with Lifeline WA through the Lights for Lifeline campaign since 2014. This campaign seeks to raise awareness of Lifeline WA’s services during the Christmas period – a time of year that, for some, can very lonely and isolating. Synergy shares a vision of bringing a light to those in need of support at Christmas and they do this through their sponsorship of the campaign, as well as various activities around the City of Perth during the month of December.  


Lotterywest is a major supporter of Lifeline WA as they have funded an innovative pilot project in regional Western Australia, aimed at trying to meet the increasing demand for the 13 11 14 crisis support service. Under the pilot project, Lifeline WA’s Volunteer@Home program, 30 regional volunteers will be trained remotely in their homes, with the South West to be the first pilot network of remotely trained and operating Telephone Crisis Supporters servicing 13 11 14.  



The Richard Lockwood Foundation  supports Lifeline WA through generously contributing funding towards the 13 11 14 crisis support service. This funding has enabled Lifeline WA to recruit, train, and mentor new Telephone Crisis Supporters, helping Lifeline respond to the increasing number of requests for help received each day. 


Yappy  began supporting Lifeline WA in 2020 through the Lights for Lifeline campaign. The Yappy team donated their services to help Lifeline WA raise a generous amount of funds for Lifeline WA’s life-saving services across the festive season. Yappy has continued their support across a number of campaigns and have helped Lifeline WA reach many new people and raise funds and awareness in the community. 



P&N Bank has been a long-term partner of Lifeline WA since 2016 and supports Lifeline’s 13 11 14 crisis support service through funding the vital training of a number of Telephone Crisis Supporter Volunteers each year. Lifeline WA is grateful to P&N Bank for their support and partnership as it has prevented suicide and ensured that every Western Australia has someone to speak to in moments of crisis.  



100 St Georges Terrace  has supported Lifeline WA through a number of events for many years. They are actively involved in the Black Diamond Gala Dinner, Lights for Lifeline, HBF Run for Reason, Out of the Shadows and more. The support of 100 St Georges Terrace has allowed Lifeline WA to support the Western Australian community through helping raise vital funds for the 13 11 14 crisis support service. 



CSBP Fertilisers has proudly partnered with Lifeline WA to invest in the training of Telephone Crisis Supporters taking calls from the 13 11 14 crisis support service. CSBP recognises the need for suicide preventive services, especially within regional communities where the risk of suicide is higher than metropolitan areas. One of their main aims is to keep Western Australian regional communities strong and sustainable and help raise awareness around mental health issues and suicide prevention within rural areas.  



Aston Martin has partnered with Lifeline WA for the annual Lifeline WA Black Diamond Gala Dinner event. This support will assist Lifeline WA in raising funds to answer the increasing number of calls from Western Australians to the 13 11 14 crisis support service.  



AMCAP  has been supporting Lifeline WA since 2020 in raising vital awareness and funding for Lifeline WA’s life-saving services. Through sending out approximately 5,000 of their distribution boxes each month, branded with Lifeline WA’s ‘Seek Help – Find Hope’ and 13 11 14, AMCAP is committed to encouraging both their employees and their customers to talk about mental health and reach out for help when needed. AMCAP’s boxes have significant visibility and multiple touch points throughout their journey from the AMCAP warehouse to their final destinations on resources sites throughout Western Australia. Lifeline WA is grateful to AMCAP for this opportunity to reach more people and encourage help-seeking behaviour, especially within the resources industry.  



The Minderoo Foundation believes that every individual has the potential to contribute positively to the world around them and that together we can create a healthy, harmonious, and thriving society. The Minderoo Foundation has supported Lifeline WA through the Lights for Lifeline campaign and emergency response funding in the aftermath of the 2019/20 bushfire season. This funding has assisted Lifeline WA to provide those experiencing a personal crisis or thinking about suicide with access to 24-hour crisis support and suicide prevention services. 



Perth Radiological Clinic  has a multi-faceted partnership with Lifeline WA that plays a vital role in supporting Lifeline WA to increase services to reach all Western Australians in crisis. They support Lifeline WA through a number of initiatives including advocacy of our services to their members within the resources sector and partnership with suicide prevention awareness projects, including a media project and a peer-support project.



Rohan Jewellers  has been passionately supporting Lifeline WA for over 11 years. Rohan and Toni Milne have helped raise vital funds at Lifeline WA’s Black Diamond Gala Dinner every year by donating a hand-crafted bespoke Black Diamond pendant. In addition to this, they have also donated elegant pieces for other fundraising events throughout the years. This support has helped Lifeline WA continue providing its life-saving suicide prevention services to the Western Australian community.  



The Behets Family Foundation  has generously supported Lifeline WA to continue training new Telephone Crisis Supporters and build the capacity to answer more calls to the 13 11 14 crisis support service. This support helps prevent suicide in the Western Australian community.  



Azure Consulting generously supports Lifeline WA by helping to fund the on-going training and well-being support for valued Telephone Crisis Support volunteers, who take vital calls to 13 11 14 crisis support service. This partnership assists Lifeline WA in reaching vulnerable Western Australians and preventing suicide across our state. 



HopgoodGanim Lawyers has partnered with Lifeline WA to support the 13 11 14 telephone crisis support service and make a difference within their community and workplace. HopgoodGanim and Lifeline WA are working together to reduce the stigmas surrounding suicide and mental health, engage HopgoodGanim staff in the conversation of mental health, and improve the wellbeing of Western Australians within our community.  



Vince Garreffa, through Mondo Community Warriors, has been supporting Lifeline WA for over 25 years and has collectively raised over $4 million for Lifeline WA. Vince and his team host many events throughout the year, with their major event being the Lifeline WA brunch held in the backyard of Vince and Anne. Vince and Anne are passionate community members who share Lifeline WA’s vision for a community free from suicide.  



The Mental Health Commission  contributes funding to Lifeline WA’s service delivery of the 13 11 14 crisis support line in Western Australia. This support ensures that many Western Australians have access to a crisis support service that is freely available, confidential and anonymous, ultimately preventing suicides across the state.  



Parkland Mazda has been heavily involved in some of Lifeline WA’s key events, including the Black Diamond Gala Dinner, the Lights for Lifeline campaign and the HBF Run for a Reason, contributing both vital funding and prizes. This partnership with Lifeline WA assists in actively promoting help-seeking behaviour and has allowed Lifeline WA to increase the amount of Telephone Crisis Supporters answering calls to 13 11 14.  



Rick Hart and the Hart & Co.  family have been supporting Lifeline WA for 11 years with the annual Lifeline WA Golf Day. This partnership has allowed Lifeline WA to raise vital funds to support the 13 11 14 crisis support service, train more Telephone Crisis Supporters and reduce stigmas surrounding mental health and suicide within the community 



Ramelius Resources Limited supported Lifeline WA during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and has continued their partnership through contributing funds to train Telephone Crisis Supporters who answer calls to the 13 11 14 crisis support number.  

Herbert Smith Freehills  supports Lifeline WA through community fundraising and giving to the Lights for Lifeline Christmas campaign. With the support of Herbert Smith Freehills, Lifeline WA is able to continue delivering valuable suicide preventive services across the community throughout the Christmas period.