Resourceful Mind

Resourceful Mind is a Peer-Support program developed by Lifeline WA in partnership with the Chamber of Minerals and Energy WA (CME) in an ongoing commitment to support the mental health and wellbeing of resource sector workers.  

Resourceful Mind was created in response to research that showed the resource sector workers face unique challenges that puts them at greater risk of mental ill health.  

Experienced crisis supporters from Lifeline WA, deliver training to develop peer supporters known as “Minders”. These Minders are the go-to people, their work mates can seek help from to navigate life and work challenges.  

Through a virtual membership program, Minders are given thorough training and ongoing support.

Lifeline WA is grateful for the ongoing support from DMIRS in promoting the Resourceful Mind program within the resources sector.

The Benefits

Reduces stigma and encourages people to seek help before they reach crisis point

Creates stronger communities at onsite, and fosters a supportive work environment

Minders have access to a debrief service with a Lifeline WA crisis supporter if they need support themselves

Hear from other Minders

"I was motivated to apply to become a Minder because I lost a work mate to mental health battles a couple of years ago and after it happened I couldn't help but wonder if I and his other work mates if had had the tools and the knowledge to be able to help him deal with his mental health struggles, if perhaps we could've changed the outcome for him..."

"When I heard that Lifeline WA would be delivering the training I couldn't think of a better training provider to be honest. Lifeline are the ones that deal with these types of conversations day in day out"

~ Sarah (Minder | Resourceful Mind)

Backed by Research

Edith Cowan University conducted research on the pilot program.

The research definitively shows that the program does not negatively impact the psychological health of Minders.

Please see the results of the research on the Resourceful Mind pilot program.

Resourceful Mind Research Report

Backed by Industry

Resourceful Mind partnership with Chamber of Minerals and Energy of WA

"WA's mining and resources sector is becoming safer by creating healthy workplaces through rigorous safety training, providing better onsite social activities, and partnering with Lifeline WA to develop our people to support their work mates"

~ Chamber of Minerals and Energy of WA

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Frequently Asked Questions

Resourceful Minds training is completed 100% virtually. Minders will have access to session times that accommodate shift work hours.

No, companies can purchase any number of memberships depending on the size of the organisation.  

Minders will need access to reliable internet, computer or laptop, speaker and microphone. While it can be completed via mobile phone, it is recommended to use a computer for best accessibility and visibility.  

 It is a 12 month membership with an opportunity to renew.

What training do we offer?

Workplace Training

Individual programs to ensure your staff are supported, confident, safe and stigma free.


DV-alert is free, nationally recognised training program to help frontline workers and general public to recognise the signs of domestic and family violence – and know what to do next.