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Gratitude is a thankful appreciation for what an individual receives, whether tangible or intangible.
14 Nov 2022
Most of us are very content in our ‘comfort zone’. At risk of stating the obvious, it’s an easy place to be. When we’ve successfully completed a task, we’re able to draw on that experience and knowledge, so we’re confident and relaxed addressing similar ones in the future.
6 Oct 2022
Expectations are personal beliefs, thoughts or feelings that something should or will happen. Some of the most influential and challenging expectations are those we develop about ourselves. What we should do, what we should think or how we should feel.
30 Sep 2022
Critical thinking happens when you engage in reflective and independent thinking rather than falling prey to cognitive biases like stereotyping and generalisation.
15 Sep 2022
The term emotional intelligence was created by two researchers, Peter Salavoy and John Mayer in their article “Emotional Intelligence” in the journal Imagination, Cognition, and Personality in 1990.
24 Aug 2022
At the beginning of humankind as we know it, work in its purest form was about survival. We worked to provide for our basic human needs – we hunted and gathered for food; we built for shelter. Our reasons for working have changed over time.
25 Jul 2022
Everyone feels lonely from time to time. It’s perfectly natural, and a time alone can be beneficial. Studies, including one published in 2017, have suggested that living alone is a risk factor for loneliness and social isolation.
12 Jul 2022
Fear is a fundamental reaction that has biologically evolved to protect organisms from perceived threat to their existence.
30 Jun 2022
Having agency means taking responsibility for our actions and the consequences. It means giving ourselves permission to feel empowered in life instead of feeling that life simply happens to us.
3 Jun 2022
What exactly is mindfulness? We hear about it everywhere – mindful eating, creating mindful habits, practicing mindfulness, being mindful, living mindfully... but what does it all mean?
9 May 2022
Everyone gets stuck at some point. Whether at work, in a relationship, making decisions about change or even about what to do next. It can also be tough for those supporting a friend or family member who feel stuck. Remaining empathetic can be difficult especially when support is needed over an extended period of time.
3 May 2022
The way we connect with family, friends and colleagues is changing and we are seeing an increase in video chats and zoom conferences. This mode of communicating can be tiring for some, so we will look at the reasons why that is and some tips to help combat the exhaustion.
18 Mar 2022
The bottom line is that stretching helps keep us flexible which in turn keeps our muscles healthy and puts less strain on our joints. Flexible muscles allow for healthy range of motion in our joints. Short and tight muscles can lead to muscle damage, joint pain, and stiffness – stretching works to lengthen our muscles, prolonging, and even preventing extreme wear and tear on our bodies.
2 Mar 2022
Communities and individuals affected by a natural disaster like the recent bushfires will be experiencing unfamiliar thoughts and emotions that may be difficult to process all at once. It is key to know that any feelings you are experiencing are normal and valid. In going through such an ordeal, it can be difficult to cope with the practical, emotional, and physical impacts and Lifeline WA want to help you through this.
18 Feb 2022
A good work-life balance means having harmony between all aspects of your life: work, study, relaxation, self-care, spirituality etc. Benefits gained from each area then support and strengthen the others. A healthy work-life balance will mean different things to us all. It’s not so much about splitting your time 50/50 between work and leisure but making sure you feel fulfilled and content in both areas of your life.
7 Feb 2022
If you made a New Year’s resolution last month, have you kept it? If not, you are not alone in abandoning your plans to lose weight, get to the gym, or quit smoking. By the time February rolls around, it is estimated that 80 percent of resolutions have already failed. Let’s take a look at why?
24 Jan 2022
Despite the increase in research, inadequate sleep due to sleep disorders, work schedules and chaotic lifestyles continue to threaten health and safety. Modern pressure to use time 24 hours a day have led to shift work and a world where practically everything operates 24/7.
4 Jan 2022
For some of us, Christmas is a joyous time, one filled with celebrations of familial love and cheer. But for many of us, it can be a difficult time filled with stress, anxiety and loneliness. There are many reasons why we might struggle to cope during the festive season. Let’s look at the causes and remedies for the anxiety creep that we can experience around this time.
21 Dec 2021
A look at the mental and physical benefits of bodily movement and how to find ways to incorporate more into our lives.
9 Dec 2021
Christmas is often a time for families to come together and celebrate with tables laden with festive food and gifts piled under the Christmas tree. Unfortunately, this is not always with case, with some people experiencing increased financial stress, family challenges and loneliness.
26 Nov 2021
What do we mean when we talk about self-compassion? Is important and could it help us in our daily lives?
19 Nov 2021
Susie Biggin is a Wellbeing Coordinator at Lifeline WA. Her role includes supporting colleagues and volunteers who may be experiencing work related stress. Susie’s role encourages individuals to focus on their self-care and identify avenues of support for a wide range of issues.
4 Oct 2021
It may seem like an easy thing to do, to pick up the phone, to dial six digits, but until we start talking, we may only then find out how difficult it truly was for you to call Lifeline. There’s a moment before someone on the other end of the line answers the call.
31 Aug 2021
Casey has been a part of Lifeline WA since 2017, first as a Telephone Crisis Supporter, then a Lifeline WA workshop trainer before transitioning to become a Telephone Crisis Support Trainer this year. As an important member of the Lifeline WA family, Casey knows how hard it can be for a person to ask someone about suicide.
18 Aug 2021
Lifeline WA acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of Country throughout Australia and their connections to land, sea and community. We pay our respect to their elder’s past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.
9 Jul 2021
Can the benefits of volunteering go beyond the value of serving the community and common good, and be measured by improvements in your mental health and wellbeing?
6 Jul 2021
This year has seen many people struggling emotionally more than ever. Talking things through with someone can be really helpful, but it can be difficult to know what to do or say when someone tells you they’re not OK. We chat to Lifeline Crisis Supporters to find out how to navigate these difficult conversations.
30 Jun 2021
As we approach the season of exams and final assessments, it is important to be aware of how you are managing stress and anxiety.
15 Jun 2021
Here at Lifeline WA, we love National Volunteer Week. It is an opportunity to shine a light on all the volunteers that make Lifeline WA a special place...
19 May 2021
IDAHOBIT (international day against homophobia biphobia, interphobia and transphobia) is marked as the international day of LGBTIQ+ inclusion. On the 17th of May, people from over 130 countries raise awareness...
17 May 2021
Mother’s Day for mothers who have lost their children can be a painful experience. Lifeline WA’s Grief and Bereavement Counsellor Joyce De Haas and a special friend to Lifeline WA, Collette Wright, explain how family ...
6 May 2021
Mother’s Day in Australia initially began as a day to promote peace and the support of women in the 1920s. Despite the day now being considered more of a Hallmark holiday, many still value the opportunity to come toge...
28 Apr 2021
Separation can be a difficult time for families, particularly for children, who are often confused about changes in their lives. Lifeline WA’s free Separated Mums and Dads program is a unique service that provides support to parents and their children...
23 Apr 2021
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