ECLIPSE IN THE WHEATBELT is an online support group for adults who have survived one or more suicide attempts.

Supported by Lotterywest, this FREE online support group offers a safe space to:

Connect with people who have had a similar lived experience.

Increase comfort with and ability to speak about the thoughts and feelings which lead to a suicide attempt.

Increase coping skills in relation to suicidal thoughts.

The group members are supported by two highly trained and compassionate Lifeline WA facilitators, one lead facilitator and one peer facilitator who has their own lived experience.

"This group grounded me and helped me cope with life events."

Groups are typically composed of eight to ten people who have survived a suicide attempt. The same people will be in the group for the entire eight weeks: it is not a "drop-in' group. This allows group members to develop safe, secure bonds with each other, facilitating more open discussion

The Wheatbelt online groups run weekly, every Wednesday at 10am for 3 hours.

The next group starts 31st July 2024.


The group was very helpful. I loved seeing people's personal growth through the program. - Former Group Member

Why consider joining?

The time after a suicide attempt can be very confusing and filled with lots of conflicting emotions.  Typically, the pain and problems that lead to a person to consider suicide are still present and are compounded by reactions of family and friends.  Many suicide attempt survivors feel embarrassed, ashamed or guilty about their attempt.  Some feel angry that they are still alive.  Others are grateful that they survived and are determined to find the reasons they are still here.

Because of the stigma associated with suicide, many suicide attempt survivors feel very alone and don't know where to turn.  Talking with others who have similar experiences can be an important part of healing after a suicide attempt.  Lifeline WA's Eclipse Support Groups offer a safe, non-judgmental place for people to talk about the feelings that led them to attempt suicide and to talk about the impact that their attempt has on their lives.

Group meetings provide a time for members to share their stories and strategies for survival.  The facilitators will lead discussions to help members better recognise what led to their suicide attempt and incorporate other ways to relieve the pain.

What happens after applying for the program?

The Peer Facilitator acts as a beacon of hope to others that they are not alone, and that recovery is possible.

They will assist group members and the Lead Facilitator where needed to better understand and communicate with each other.

The Peer Facilitator will help members feel more comfortable and share their own lived experience appropriately and safely as part of the group.

Read the news article featuring Eclipse program Peer Facilitator - Lowanna Hugall who gives insight into their experience.

About Eclipse in the Wheatbelt

The name Eclipse was chosen for the program as it symbolises coming out from a dark place and into the light.

ECLIPSE is an evidence-based alternative to therapy program.  It is an 8-week online psycho-education support group for survivors of suicide based on Didi Hirsche Suicide Prevention Centre's Survivors of Suicide Attempts (SOSA) model (Didi Hirsch. 2021)

ECLIPSE IN THE WHEATBELT is a collaboration between Lifeline WA and Holyoake.  Lifeline WA brings their expertise in suicide prevention and Holyoake bring their strong community connections and experience delivering community services in the Wheatbelt, together creating an important program to support survivors of suicide attempts.