Managing Separation through Christmas

23 DEC 2020

Christmas can be a challenging time for newly separated families. So what can separated and divorced parents do to help make Christmas a little easier on themselves?

Tips for managing separation through Christmas

It Doesn’t Have to be Perfect

Christmas can be an emotional time for many people. It is important to be aware of the potential for strong emotions for both parents and children alike.

Often through a separation, much will be new territory to be navigated and you might not know how to do it. And that that is ok.

Let go of trying to do things perfectly. Perfection is an impossible task. Get yourself some support if you are struggling, perhaps from a friend or a counsellor. If you are supported, you will be more able to support yourself and those around you through challenging times.

Communication and Understanding

If you have children, try and put yourself in their shoes and consider things from their perspective. This can really help you understand what they might need.  

If your relationship with your ex is an amicable one, try to plan together as much as possible. Come to an arrangement around who will have the kids when and then let the kids know so they are fully prepared for how things will happen.

Keep an open mind to the experiences of those around you. Your family, your friends. Are there others who are going through similar experience? Seek guidance and support from peers and connect with additional support when you feel the need.

Make the Most of It and Support Each Other

While Christmas can be a challenging time, make the most of it. Keep in mind those who aren’t able to see family right now, or those who are spending Christmas alone. Connecting with others can provide you with additional support, and help you identify friends and family who might also be having a difficult time. Phone and video calls through technology like Zoom are a great way to stay connected when you aren’t able to spend time together in person. You can also access additional support through phone and video counselling options from the comfort of your home.

Finding additional support

Did you know LWA offers free counselling for separated parents before, during and after separation, and support for those who have experienced a bereavement in a partnership or as a parent or child?
Our free one on one counselling is available face to face or via phone so that if you are living regionally, we can there be there for you too.

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Image Credit: Photo by S&B Vonlanthen on Unsplash