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Data and Stats

Statistics on suicide in Western Australia

  • Suicide remains the leading cause of death for Western Australians aged between 15 and 44.
  • 418 Western Australians died by suicide in 2019 – an average of one per day. (ABS, Causes of Death, 2020)
  • The rate of suicide in Western Australia is 16.0 people per 100 000; this is an increase on the figure for 2018 (409 suicides, rate of 14.7 per 100 000)
  • There were 303 suicides by males and 115 by females in WA.
  • Most deaths by suicide in Australia are males, accounting for 72.5% of deaths by suicide.
  • Research indicates that 85% of Australians know someone who has died by suicide.
  • Suicide rates in rural and remote areas of Australia are significantly higher than the national average and very remote regions have suicide rates more than double that of major capital cities.
  • Aboriginal youth are at significant risk from suicide, with the worst-affected between the ages of 15-19 years.
  • Western Australia has the third highest rate of suicide in the country, with 16.0 people per 100 000, following the Northern Territory (21.0) and Queensland (19.5)
  • Of all deaths in Western Australia in 2019, 2.8% was attributed to suicide.

Lifeline WA, in 2019/20:

  • 53,262 Western Australians found support calling Lifeline's 13 11 14 crisis line.
  • 23% of help seekers cite 'family and relationships' as the main reason for their call.
  • Lifeline WA has 220 volunteers.
  • It takes more than 170 hours of specialised training to become an accredited crisis supporter – we trained a further 100 Telephone Crisis Support volunteers.
  • Lifeline WA educated 2,150 members of our community on suicide prevention.
  • Lifeline WA delivered 152 workshops for individuals and organisations, including 26 in regional Western Australia.
  • Supported 809 people through our separated mums and dads program.