Lifeline WA Encourages Education and Action on Domestic Violence

04 AUG 2020

Lifeline WA encourages education and action on domestic violence teaser

Lifeline WA is encouraging frontline workers in the Geraldton area to attend their Multicultural DValert workshop this month at Geraldton Central Regional TAFE on August 20-21.

Lifeline WA delivers workshops throughout the state on domestic and family violence (DFV) which range from two-day DV-alert workshops aimed at frontline community workers to two-hour DV-aware sessions which are open to everyone.

DV-alert improves the capacity of frontline workers to recognise the signs of DFV, respond with appropriate care and refer clients who are experiencing or at risk of DFV to relevant services.

The Multicultural DV-alert workshop has been designed with culturally and linguistically diverse communities in mind and is suitable for health, allied health, higher education, childcare and community frontline workers supporting these communities.

Lifeline WA CEO Lorna MacGregor said she was particularly concerned about the link between domestic violence and suicide.

She said Lifeline’s 13 11 14 crisis line received thousands of calls from people who were struggling to see a way out of abusive relationships.

She said the DV-alert sessions helped to address the stigma surrounding domestic violence.

“Unfortunately, domestic violence can still be seen by the community as a personal or family issue, and people are unsure whether or how they can intervene,” she said.

“The workshops inform people about how to recognise the early signs of domestic violence, how to open up a conversation with someone who might be in an abusive relationship, how to support the person, and where to go for help.

“It’s really important for people to overcome their reluctance to intervene, as the consequences can be tragic if they don’t.”

Ms MacGregor said the rise in domestic violence incidents during COVID-19 demonstrated the risk it posed to people when they were more isolated.

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