Mental Health First Aid Champions – Mineral Resources

29 July 2022

Perth-based mining and mining services company Mineral Resources is aiming for the gold standard in Mental Health First Aid thanks to a partnership with Lifeline WA.

More than 150 members of staff from Mineral Resources have completed a two-day training course delivered by Lifeline WA instructors who are accredited by Mental Health First Aid Australia.

The milestone means the company is eligible to apply for its Mental Health First Aid Award.

Mental Health First Aid is an evidence-based course, which supports and empowers people to recognise the signs and symptoms of mental health problems or crisis.

It covers knowledge of mental health, confidence to provide mental health first aid, works to destigmatise attitudes and increase the support available to others.

Participants learn how to recognise common mental health problems, how to provide initial help to someone experiencing a mental health problem and how to respond in a crisis situation.

Mineral Resources Psychologist and Head of Mental Health, Chris Harris highlighted the importance of the Lifeline WA partnership in underpinning a growing mental health program at the company. 

“Our partnership with Lifeline WA is deeply entrenched at Mineral Resources. It helps drive a deeper understanding and appreciation of mental health education and the resources that are available to our people and their families,” Chris said.

“We prioritise mental health as much as physical health, and that’s why all of our people have access to in-house psychology services, confidential external counselling, and Lifeline WA’s mental health first aid training.

“Thanks to the support of Lifeline WA, our people know that there is always someone ready to listen and you don’t have to face your problems alone.”

As part of the training, Lifeline WA tailored the course to the needs of the Mineral Resources team, including examples which addresses the special requirements of FIFO workers on mine sites.

While many people feel uncomfortable and unprepared when thinking about starting a conversation with someone they are concerned about, the training teaches an easy to remember action plan and skills which are beneficial both within and outside the workplace.  

Lifeline WA CEO Lorna MacGregor commended the team from Mineral Resources on completing their Mental Health First Aid training course.

“Lifeline WA has a strong history of working with the mining sector,” she said.

“We are proud to have partnered with Mineral Resources on their journey.

“This training is part of our ongoing commitment to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of employees in the workplace and was tailored specifically for the resources sector.

“We know that promoting positive mental health among the resource sector workforce is imperative to the health of the sector as a whole.”