New focus on Workplace Training for Lifeline WA

18 August 2023

Crisis support service Lifeline WA is reminding businesses that building a mentally healthy workplace is about more than avoiding penalties and minimising losses due to absenteeism.

The $11billion that untreated mental health conditions cost the nation’s workplaces per year* has become a hot topic on the mental health agenda, along with hard-hitting health and safety reforms that came into effect at the beginning of 2023.

But Lifeline WA CEO Lorna MacGregor says the benefits of good mental health in the workplace are much wider reaching.

“Workforces trained to prevent psychosocial hazards and risks such as stress, fatigue, bullying and burnout are not only doing the right thing by their people, but they are also better placed to attract and retain talent, while benefitting from greater performance, productivity and innovation,” Ms MacGregor said.

Lifeline WA has always helped businesses build strong, resilient workplaces. This week, the not-for-profit launched Lifeline WA Workplace, bringing together its comprehensive suite of proven employee training programs under the one umbrella.

“Training services create resilient, productive workplaces through a wider net of support, promoting understanding while building the skills and language to know the signs and act,” Ms MacGregor said.

Lifeline WA Workplace training programs can all be tailored to suit individual workplaces large and small across a full range of sectors.

“Our expertise in the mental health space enables us to tailor the content and language to suit, building a culture that is safe, supportive and appropriate,” Ms MacGregor said.

“Many businesses already have in-house initiatives in place and work with us to take these to the next level.

“While legislating broader responsibilities and tougher penalties has brought mental health in the workplace into greater focus in recent months, it’s rewarding to see many businesses already living their values by ensuring their staff are aware, supported, confident, safe and stigma-free.”

*Job Access, Mental health inaction costing businesses $11b annually, November 2022.

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