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Mental wellbeing skills groups for young people and families

DBTeen: Mental wellbeing skills groups for young people and families

A WA Primary Health Alliance (WAPHA) funded trial program delivered by Lifeline WA in the Primary Care environment.

Referrals for August 2021 groups are now open. We encourage teens and families to access individual DBT therapy in the interim, a list of which can be found here.

Are you struggling with distressing feelings and thoughts?
Do you struggle with mood swings?
Is managing your anger a problem, causing conflict with peers and/or family members?
Do you have feelings of emptiness or a limited sense of identity?
Are you behaving in frequent impulsive or self-destructive ways?
Do you want to learn a range of skillsets with which to better manage your emotions, behaviours and relationships?

Lifeline WA is offering 12-week DBTeen skills groups which will cover the following key components:

  1. Mindfulness skills: staying focused on the present moment without having to react.
  2. Distress tolerance skills: coping with distressing situations and painful emotions without making things worse.
  3. Walking the Middle Path skills: balancing ways of thinking and behaving to improve flexibility in responding to common family dilemmas.
  4. Emotion regulation skills: developing skills to use when faced with intense and painful emotions.
  5. Interpersonal effectiveness skills: communicating your needs and wants, improving relationships, and building self-respect in relationships.

Who Can Attend?

Young people aged 14-18 who are experiencing difficulties managing their emotions and behaviours are eligible for this program. Unfortunately, young people who are already receiving tertiary psychiatric/mental health services are not eligible. For more information on eligibility, refer to the DBTeen Referral Brochure here.


There is no charge. DBTeen is fully funded by the West Australian Primary Health Alliance.

More information:

A referral form will need to be completed by either: you, your parent or guardian or carer, your GP, your mental health provider or your school psychologist.

Prior to group commencement, teens and their carers will attend an assessment and an induction session to familiarise themselves with DBT basics.

Download the Referral Brochure and Referral Form here or get in touch at DBTeen@lifelinewa.org.au


“I have looked forward each week to spending Saturday mornings with our DBT group, It has greatly helped my stress, confidence and ability to discuss things with my teenager. I am so grateful for the opportunity to do the course” - Adult participant

“Knowing other people my age are also dealing with similar issues gives me comfort in a weird sense. Learning more skills has helped me to have better alternatives to problem behaviours” - Teen participant

“My parents understand me better and I am able to regulate my emotions” - Teen participant

“One of our dads brought in a special cake for graduation. We had a great session. Needed way more time for monopoly!” - DBTeen Clinician