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Better Mental Health At Work

Better Mental Health at Work

Duration: 1 day course

Delivery: Face to Face

Build a proactive and supportive mental health culture

A mentally healthy workplace includes managers with the skills and confidence to address mental health in the workplace. People managers have a key role to play through minimising stress and other hazards, noticing warning signs, initiating conversations, and providing appropriate support.

Course Objectives:

  • Define a mentally healthy workplace and its characteristics
  • Be aware of formal rights and responsibilities of employers
  • Identify psychosocial hazards and apply a risk management process
  • Consider stigma as a barrier to getting help, and strategies to reduce its impact
  • Plan for and initiate a conversation with an employee you’re concerned about
  • Improve active listening skills and practice appropriate responses
  • Understand return to work plans and reasonable adjustments
  • Increase knowledge of support services and how they can help. 

Any supervisor or frontline manager with direct reports, or others responsible for responding to the needs of staff. Up to 20 participants.

These courses can be complementary. Mental Health First Aid provides a comprehensive understanding of mental illnesses including signs, symptoms, evidence-based treatments, and first aid guidelines for responding to mental ill health and crisis situations. Better Mental Health at Work focuses on what people managers need to know about mentally healthy workplaces.

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